What Cancom can offer your business:

  • Consultation appointments with our sales representatives to identify which bulletin is best suited for your ad – or advertise in multiple bulletins in the areas you choose.
  • Several different advertising space sizes to get your message across to your customers all in colour print.
  • Develop and create your ad with help from our customer service representatives.
  • Additional services include website consolation services and social media opportunities for you business.
  • Printing services: business cards, mail outs, or another printing needs for your business.

A yearly advertising contract means your message and business will remain front and center of the local community and is there when they need your services. Please contact [email protected] for more information about advertising rates.

Church Bulletin Advertising

A fundamental doctrine of the Church is to communicate the “Word of God” to its parishioners and congregation. The “Word of God” is primarily delivered through attendance and participation by the congregation at weekly mass and is printed in the weekly Church Bulletin. The Church Bulletin also serves to inform the congregation about its local parish and weekly community events.

In simple terms, the Church Bulletin is a powerful communication tool used by the Church.